appear */*/*/

appear */*/*/
UK [əˈpɪə(r)] / US [əˈpɪr] verb [intransitive, not usually progressive]
Word forms "appear":
present tense I/you/we/they appear he/she/it appears present participle appearing past tense appeared past participle appeared
1) to make other people think that you are something or feel something. Appear is a slightly more formal word than seem

This job is not as easy as it may appear.

Matt appears unaffected by all the media attention.

appear to do something:

No one appeared to notice me.

it appears (that):

It appears that she's changed her mind.

there appears to be:

There appears to be very little we can do about the problem.

appear to have done something:

The building appears to have been used as a place of worship.

what appears to be:

Gibbs was shot in what appears to be a gangland killing.

a) if someone or something appears somewhere, you begin to see them suddenly or for the first time

Cracks began to appear in the ceiling.

One day a stranger appeared on my doorstep.

b) to arrive somewhere

As soon as she appears, we can get started.

3) to be on television or in a play, film, concert etc

She appeared on television with the President.

Tony is currently appearing in pantomime at Reading.

4) to go to a court of law, committee, or similar institution, so that people can ask you questions and make decisions about what you say

He is due to appear in court today.

appear before/in front of:

Mr Smith will appear before magistrates next month.

a) if something new or different appears, it starts to exist or to be known about for the first time

Yet another boy band has appeared on the music scene.

b) to become available for the first time

This was when sushi began to appear on restaurant menus in London.

the latest personal computer to appear on the market

6) to be written or printed somewhere

Jane's name did not appear on the list.

English dictionary. 2014.

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